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Preventing fires together,

One battery​ at a time.


caused by batteries​ in the USA ​ each year*

3 Billion

batteries​ disposed of by Americans each year*


Phones thrown​ away globally​ in a week*

Batteries cause fires

Common household items seem harmless, however, the batteries in them pose risks when disposed into regular garbage or recycling containers because of their highly flammable nature.

Earth Day Webinar

How to Dispose of Batteries Responsibly

Dan Kurtz

Director of Recycling, Waste Connections

Susan Eppes

Chairperson, ANSI Standard for Material Recovery Facilities

Earth Day Webinar

Make​ your community ​ and​ your planet safer by disposing of your batteries and items containing batteries, properly.

Start today

Check the electronic devices you need to dispose. If possible, remove the batteries, if not, bring the whole device to the drop off location.

Store batteries in non-metallic containers (plastic, cardboard, or glass) that does not conduct electricity if there is a spark.

Find a local electronic disposal store, or find a drop off location near you.

Respect our drivers’ safety as they take care of yours.

Refuse collectors put their​ lives in danger​ every time you throw your batteries into your garbage or recycling container. Batteries are highly flammable​ and should be taken to a designated drop-off location.

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